Arrow Bamboo is widely cultivated across the United States. It is markedly different from bamboos of the Phyllostachys genus. Producing tight clumps of slender culms, forming a dense hedge with large, dark green foliage, having a somewhat tropical appearance. Considered a medium height bamboo, the Arrow bamboo can reach heights up to 18′. For years people sought a bamboo that would do well in climates close to the ocean that would not only tolerate the high winds and salt water vapor but would also last out the winter. Bamboo Bob discovered that Arrow bamboo is excellent in this capacity. P. japonica is a tough and versatile bamboo that will thrive in heavy shade but also grows well in full sunlight. It can be found in many gardens from the coast of Oregon to the Jersey Shore.
P. Japonica not only makes an excellent specimen piece, as shown in the photo to the left, but it also makes an dense, gorgeous hedge in areas that other bamboos will simply not tolerate.While we do have a good deal of stock of this amazing variety, you�ll want to act quickly as Bamboo Bob has already booked many installations for folks who want to spruce up their shore homes in time for summer fun. Call now for pricing and scheduling information.